Ladakh Trek

Clean-up Treks

TSOMORI TOURS & TRAVELS is launching a new initiative to clean up the popular trekking areas and routes of Ladakh. We will organize one clean-up trek in early June and another at the end of the season in September. Those who volunteer for these treks will pay only the cost of running the treks (food, transportation, supplies). There will be no extra charges or hidden margins. This will be a non-profit venture. Please contact us if you would like to be part of this project. We need you!

LADAKH was opened to tourists in the early 1970s to Indian and foreign visitors. Again in the 1990s several more areas were opened to visitors. These areas were until then closed beyond a certain point and had, as a result, remained well preserved.

This has created a conflict of interest for tourists and trekkers in remote valleys. Mr. Aamir Ali says in his famous article in the Himalayan Journal "The old dilemma: protect Ladakh completely from outside influence as if it was a museum ? Unacceptable. Allow free access to every tripper and carpet-bagger? Surely not. Where is the golden mean?"

So it's our duty as trekkers to preserve the natural environment and leave no trace of their visit. Ladakh's wild natural beauty is for everyone to enjoy. But the region's popularity is also putting pressure on its eco-system. While enjoying trekking and climbing in Ladakh, we need to do everything we can to maintain the balance of the environment and keep Ladakh the way it's meant to be - pure and pristine.

The United Nations has declared the decade 2005 to 2014 as the Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (DESD). Human beings are an inseparable part of the ecosystem - we act both as the sustainer and the destroyer. A fragile ecosystem is prone to irreversible damage due to pressures and stresses beyond its tolerance.

We also cannot keep change out of the lives of people by banning all visitors. But as long as we strive to balance the preservation of the environment and ancient cultures with the enjoyment of visitors, trekkers and mountaineers, there is hope.

So, why not we ourselves become the sustainers and work to preserve our environment?

Fixed date for clean-up for the mentioned area:-

a) Tsomoriri & Tsokar ; September 20th. Every year.
b) Pangong Lake; September 30th. Every year.