ladakh homestay

Ladakh Home Stays

Each year many tourists come to see Ladakh, but they do not see the real Ladakh. They come through travel companies and go on pre-arranged camping treks that bring little income to the villages along the trekking routes. The agencies arrange luxuries but these tourists do not even get the chance to try Ladakhi food.

The Homestays endeavour in Ladakh kicked off in 2002 in some of the trekking areas, generating income for the villagers and reducing the strain on the ecosystem caused by camping and to aid the conservation of the rare snow leopard. By generating income for locals, the programme increases the community's stake in conserving wildlife and also offsets livestock losses caused by snow leopards and other predators.

On most of the trekking routes in Hemis National Park, trekkers can now use homestays as they trek from village to village. They can walk during the day and at night stay in traditional homes where they can eat Ladakhi food, meet local people and experience the Ladakhi culture and lifestyle. Bedding, three meals a day and safe drinking water are provided.

Adventure, natural beauty and caring for the environment - how often does one get an opportunity to help their environment when they go on holiday? With Himalayan Homestays, you can. Here's a concept that wraps travel, tourism and ecological development in to one attractive and out-of-the-world experience.

Homestays offer you a unique opportunity to stay with and share the culture of the Ladakhi people in remote villages, while trekking through the rugged habitat of the endangered snow leopard. By staying with the locals of Ladakh, you help them generate income from tourism activities in their region.