Exploring and Protecting Himalayas..!!

Tourism as the fastest growing industry and has touched every part of the globe, and the HIMALAYA is no exception. The HIMALAYA get visitors in such volume that in several places, roads and campsites have become part of the landscape, wildlife has been chased away into areas from their natural habitat and the food-chain and ecosystem have been seriously disrupted.
TSOMORI endeavor to keep Ladakh clean. Whoever thought that the mighty mountains that form formidable frontiers would need protection? Trekking and Mountaineering Associations, Nature Conservationists and Tourism Boards need to regularly hold workshops, training programs, clean-up drives..

..and we at Tsomori Tours carry the legacy Tsomori has been playing host to thousands of visitors to Ladakh for more than two decade. Our services has been appreciated by visitors for its hospitality & service. Being Ladakhi, Our in-depth understanding of its people and customs of the region help us to formulate tours and treks that is positively sensitive to the area and its people. We TSOMORI TOURS & TRAVELS feel a responsibility own our part to help people in educating about ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION. It is the responsibility of the tourists and those who promote tourism to ensure the preservation of natural environment and ancient culture by following certain guide lines..

Ladakh Adventures

Ladakh offers great scope for undertaking adventure activities amidst breathtaking landscape & rugged beauty for the travelers from around the world.