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Tsomori Tours and Travels offer holidays of a lifetime experiences for all !

Tsomori has been playing host to thousands of visitors to Ladakh since year 1998. Our service has been appreciated by visitors for its hospitality & service. Being Ladakhi, Our in-depth understanding of its people and customs of the region help us to formulate tours and treks that is positively sensitive to the area and its people.
An escape from the routine is the demand of life today. What better way would be then to spend few moments at a destination that will allow you to forget the past and have an "UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE" with TSOMORI?
Tsomori Tours & Travels is dedicated in promoting Environmental-friendly tours specializing in organized package tours for individuals and mass complimented with its quality & quantity travel related services. We've been organizing cleanliness treks to different routes as part of responsibility on our part towards environment.

Our goal is to provide the best holidays possible whilst benefiting our host communities. We aim to leave the environment in at least as good a state as we find it. We train our staff to be ecological. Despite remoteness of the region we provide best equipments.

There are many tour operators who offer services to the Himalayas. But why should you book your trip with us? 

Being a Ladakhi we are based in LEH . Our organization is reckoned to be one of the most professionally organized organizations in its field. we have been successfully executing our job in Trekking, Jeep Safaris, Package Tours, Sightseeing, Mountain Biking Expeditions, White Water Rafting and providing boarding and lodging in a most exhilarating and professional way.

The most important reason for traveling with us:
Most of the consumers may not be aware that the Himalayan states only allow locals to operate within their regions keeping our local interest in mind. This means that no matter what travel company you come through, if you are booking a tour for the Himalayas, we are the last service provider. It's we who provide you the services in our region. We are the ultimate service provider for in this region.

By this flow chart you can understand how the services are provided once you book.

If you book through us directly the two agents in between us is eliminated.

Now a days it's very easy to book your tours directly as the means of communication has made the world easily accessible. 
We always offer the same high quality of service whether you come to us through our valued overseas agents, or directly. But if you book directly with us, you can save some cost and minimize any potential communication errors that can occur when too many people are involved in arranging a tour. We have experience of past that customers having been provided wrong information about our region because of ignorance of knowledge on their part of this region.

We give all of our valued customers as transparent and clear a picture as possible of the services that we will provide prior to contract. We ask that you specify in detail the requirements and expectations you have for the tour. We encourage open and frequent communication with us to clarify what you really want.